TD Bank & Scotiabank Finder for iPhone

Sometimes you need cash really fast on the go but you cannot find your banks ATM machine. So you resort to using another banks ATM and most of the time get charged fees. Not so fun. But, if your bank happens to be TD or Scotiabank, you are in luck!

TD Finder & Scotia Finder by Majestic Media Ltd.

TD Finder and Scotia Finder are two separate apps that provide the same function for the two different banks. If you are a client of either TD or Scotiabank, these apps are extremely useful.

Aside from convenience, these apps actually save you money by locating your banks local ATM machines. If you ever need an ATM and could not find one from your bank nearby, you end up having to use a generic ATM or one from a different bank. In either case, you usually end up paying fees for using another banks ATM. While there are some accounts out there that give you free access to other bank ATM’s, those same accounts are also charged monthly fees and if you are like me, I enjoy my no-fee banking!

The apps provide very easy navigation by simply tapping on “Get Started” to locate the closest ATM’s. You do not need to enter any address or location information. Both apps make use of the iPhone GPS, so only the closest ATM’s are shown first and then farther ones down the list. Each search result has the distance that the ATM is away from your current location.

Each ATM location is also marked by a symbol indicating if the ATM is either inside a bank branch or is a standalone ATM (usually outside). This is also helpful if you need to visit just a branch instead of an ATM. Once you tap a search result, you have the options to view the location on the iPhone Google Maps or call the location.

Overall, both apps are completely simplified. They make it much easier to locate bank ATMs/Branches than by browsing to the bank websites. With easy navigation and functional features, both apps are great companions to your iPhone.

Both Bank Finders are scored a 4.5 out of 5.

TD Bank Finder is available in the iTunes App Store for Free

Scotia Bank Finder is available in the iTunes App Store for Free

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