App Review: Paris 3D for iPhone

Having Google Maps on your iPhone is a great resource and it is even better that you can use the hybrid view to see a blend of map and satellite views. Today I have an app called Paris 3D that takes map functionality and adds a very neat 3D interface.

Paris 3D by Newscape Technology SAS

Paris 3D is maps on steroids.

Since this is the company’s inaugural launch, the application only supports one city at this time; Paris, France. In the future there will be updates coming and I can only hope for a Vancouver, BC version.

Paris 3D is a full-3D interactive tourist guide that is both extremely useful and just fun to look at and use. The app provides a ton of local city-based information that I would say is like Google Maps meets Tellmewhere.

Since the app is designed with the tourist in mind, you get all the best information. The app provides easy to use menus (themes) to both search and locate accommodations, monuments, entertainment, shopping and the list goes on. Activated themes have corresponding colors on the 3D map for easy viewing. You can also bookmark your favorite locations to pull up later. The buildings in the app are completely accurate as they come from photos taken in 2009 and made into full-3D images. You can check out a video of the app here.

Popular and dense locations/buildings on the map can be further accessed to provide additional information such as what the building is, what stores are in the location, addresses and contact numbers. Some listings, such as national monuments, include brief excerpts about the history of the structure.

The controls are your standard pinch to zoom in/out finger gestures and the app also adds a rotation function. To rotate around and get a better look at the city, you hold one finger down and slide the other left or right. This will rotate the view a full 360°.

Overall Paris 3D is a fantastic app. The blend of local information and 3D maps makes for a useful and detailed view of the local city. With easy controls and lots of included information for tourists and others, the app is definitely a valuable resource.

However, it is unfortunate that the city selection is very small, but as time goes on and more support is available, the city selection will increase. The app definitely has merit. For now, the app is a great resource for those traveling to Paris and that want to use maps in style but the app is definitely more of a novelty item, especially with the premium price tag.

Paris 3D is scored a 4 out of 5.

Paris 3D is available in the iTunes App Store for $8.99.

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