Ping! Is like Blackberry Messenger for the iPhone

Do you have friends on their Blackberries that treat and swear by Blackberry Messenger like it’s the next best thing since sliced bread (it’s because their Blackberries can’t render a web page properly, so instant messaging is the only thing keeping them happy, hehe)? Well today I’m going to review an amazing FREE app for the iPhone called Ping!

Ping! is a fantastic app that we have all been waiting for. It enables instant iPhone-to-iPhone messaging and works extremely well. The app is lightweight and will let you message any friend/family member who has an iPhone or iPod Touch!

Ping! Uses Push Notifications to Send You Messages

Ping uses Push Notifications to alert you of incoming messages instantly. You will receive a pop up message notification just like a text message! For people who have data, but aren’t on SMS packages, Ping! will save you TONNES of money! It’s like free SMS with all your friends who have iPhones/iPod Touches!

Setting Ping! up is very easy. You create an ID–make sure you choose wisely as you CANNOT change your name afterwards. Then, you add the ID of your friends and instantly you can message them! Also, you can link your Ping! friends to their contact info. This will show their picture and quickly allow you to access their info!

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Features I’d Like to See in the Future
1. Ability to create a “Friends” list, or manage multiple Ping! accounts.
2. Have multiple Ping! friends in a chat.
3. Maybe a few more choices for sounds when someone messages you.
4. Ability to change your name at least ONCE more in case you messed up the first time.
5. Maybe ability to send location or a picture.

Ping!–Created in Canada and is Currently Free for Download!

Ping! was created by Gary Fung, an iPhone app developer in Toronto. He was the guy behind GmailPush and SmartDial to name a few other apps. Make sure you message him on Twitter to give him some feedback on how he can make Ping! even better!

Right now Ping! is FREE for a limited time (iTunes link) in the App Store. Just download it right away and it’ll work like a charm. Kudos to Gary for creating the equivalent of Blackberry Messenger on the iPhone! This is something a lot of us have been waiting for!

Thanks to Desmond Liao for the heads up on Ping!

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