For the iPhone Review

It’s always handy to have your iPhone camera around when a pictures needs to be taken. But when it comes to photo editing on the iPhone, most of the decent apps are paid. What about free photo editing apps? If you’ve been waiting for one, be sure to take a look at the iPhone app, which was released yesterday! iPhone App by Adobe–on the iPhone!

The iPhone app is a free app and it’s very straightforward. The app allows you to quickly edit photos and share them. If you create a free account, you will have 2GB of online storage for your pictures. Sounds good to me!

Here are the features within the app:
Basics: Crop, rotate, flip
Color: Exposure, saturation, tint, black and white
Filters: Sketch, soft focus
Effects: Vibrant, pop, border, vignette blur, warm vintage, rainbow, white glow, soft black and white

Editing your pictures is a straightforward task. Just snap a photo or choose from your photo library. Then tap the options along the top and choose your editing feature. You can always undo actions easily, plus when you save, the original is preserved.

This app is pretty awesome for your free, no-frills photo editor on the iPhone. You can get some pretty neat photos using this app and I’m sure it will impress your friends too. A fantastic idea would be to use this app during the weekend to edit pictures of your endless turkey dinners to share with friends. Now that would be fun!

Check out the photo gallery below of the new Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from DQ in all its glory:

Click here to download the iPhone App. Anyone else enjoying this app out there?