App Review: Symmetrix for iPhone

Here’s an app for all ages that takes your new or existing photos and makes them completely wacky and unique for good laughs all around.

Symmetrix by Ichigon

Symmetrix takes new or existing photos and creates symmetrical designs that range from wacky to eerie to hilarious. The app includes everything that you will need to create and show off your photo designs.

The design process begins by either choosing an existing photo or taking a new one using the integrated in-app iPhone camera. You can also use images from Google Images which may be accessed directly from within Symmetrix. You then choose which half of the photo you want to mirror using the Left/Right controls and the slider bar on the bottom of the app.

Next is the true design phase. At this point you can manipulate your photo in almost any way you please by using finger gestures. Some gestures I’ve found so far are:

  • Pinching to zoom in/out
  • Stretching the photo in either direction
  • Flipping the photo upside down
  • A sort of squeezing the photo together thing while there is a mirrored photo effect and everything kind of inverts into itself (it’s pretty amusing)

You may also use the same features but in full screen, which drops off the bottom design tools.

After the design is done, you can save it to show it off or upload it to Social Networking sites from within the app. You can also reset the photo back to the original.

A great feature about the app is that the navigation and general controls are completely based on your own finger gestures. There are no real deep menus to navigate around and very few toggles/buttons to push. It’s all finger gesture design.

Overall Symmetrix is a great app for iPhone/iPod Touch users of all ages. The controls are very intuitive as any finger gesture will result in some kind of photo design and the photos can be saved locally or uploaded online for all to see and enjoy. The ability to choose photos from Google Images and not just new or local photos adds some nice value to the app.

Symmetrix is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

You can check out a video of the app in action here.

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