TELUS iPhone Coming November 5

As both TELUS and Bell Canada have now announced that they plan to bring their own 21 Mbps HSPA+ network to Canada in November, both companies have finally announced that the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS will also be making their debut on TELUS and Bell.

Bell announced the availability of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS on its HSPA+ network starting November 4, 2009.

In a similar move, TELUS has now announced the availability of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS on its own HSPA+ network starting a day later, November 5, 2009.

Both companies have been quiet on available price plans and device pricing has been released to be identical to Rogers/Fido:

TELUS/Bell Canada Device Pricing

iPhone 3G 8GB (Black)

  • $99 (3 year contract)
  • $599 (no contract)

iPhone 3GS 16GB (Black/White)

  • $199 (3 year contract)
  • $699 (no contract)

iPhone 3GS 32GB (Black/White)

  • $299 (3 year contract)
  • $799 (no contract)

If the above pricing is any indication, it would seem many iPhoneinCanada readers were correct that the carriers will simply allude to collusion tactics to keep plan prices high.

Inventory is expected to be minimal for both TELUS and Bell, as both Rogers and Fido have experienced national iPhone shortages for months.

I’m left wondering how TELUS/Bell customers feel about getting iPhones in November, when traditionally Apple releases new iPhones in the summer months. Considering that wireless carriers have rigid upgrade policies, this essentially puts Telus/Bell customers at a technological disadvantage.

Rogers/Fido will get a new iPhone in summer 2010 while Telus/Bell customers will have to wait until winter 2010 to now get a device which at that time would be approximately five months old with the next iPhone due the following summer. Thoughts?

On a similar note, Apple Stores across Canada will be selling all iPhone devices from each of the four carriers (Rogers, Fido, TELUS, Bell) at their newly made “iPhone Activation Zones“. Apple Stores will be fully stocked with each carrier’s iPhone, including all colors, capacities, and versions (3G/3GS).