Canada To Receive 8GB iPhone 3GS?

It seems that the folks over at BGR have heard whispers of a possible 8GB iPhone 3GS to emerge on AT&T. While many would say that it won’t happen, it very well could considering Apple’s current pricing schemes.

This could also mean interesting news for Canada as many devices that are planned and released on AT&T have the tendency to make their way North.

Apple has indicated that $199 is the smartphone sweet spot and further that the currently offered $99 8GB iPhone 3G has been a great value for consumers looking for a device less than $100.

If the 8GB iPhone 3GS were to emerge before Christmas, it would definitely replace the current 3G offering. The rumored device would also be on all four wireless carriers in Canada, unlike the USA, which only has one carrier offering the iPhone.

What do you think? Is an 8GB iPhone 3GS on its way to Canada?

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