Intellione Launches iPhone Traffic App in Canada: ioVector

Canadian real-time traffic provider Intellione, debuted this week ioVector, a free iPhone application delivering street-level traffic maps, trip times and local search. 

Traffic maps in Intellione are updated twice each minute “to show congestion as it happens on most every roadway, not just freeways”, said the company. ioVector also brings instant notifications to users of a better path while in-route when traffic conditions change. Additional features include driving directions, up-the-road search, tap-to-drop route markers and instant trip time updates for common routes. 

Registered users are also offered free use of the ioVector online portal that synchronizes with the mobile application. Places, routes and other favorites saved through either tool instantly appear in the other.

While it’s not TomTom, it comes at a much cheaper price: FREE!

Grab it in the AppStore now