News To Go For iPhone & iPod Touch

News To Go is a 4-in-1 app that brings daily updated information to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

News To Go by Tuan Ha

News To Go includes daily updated gas prices, traffic, sports scores and weather. The data in the app is updated when the app is opened, so that requires an internet connection, whether WiFi or a data plan (iPhone). However, updated data is stored on the device until the next update refresh, which helps for those that have an iPod Touch or iPhone without a data plan.

The provided gas prices are the next day’s gas prices and the price is based on Liberal MP Dan McTeague’s predictions. From my uses, while the gas prices were not 100% accurate all the time, they were fairly close. Gas Prices are provided for Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Kamloops. The traffic cams, of which Toronto and Vancouver are supported, are integrated into in-app Google Maps which provides a very easy and clean user interface.

On the weather side of the app, information regarding short and long term forecasts is provided, as well as other weather specific information including POP and humidity for most Canadian cities. For sports fans, the app tracks scores from the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB.

The developer has also indicated that future updates may include the following features:

  • News ticker/reader
  • Stocks ticker
  • More city support for traffic cams
  • Option to store multiple favourite cities for weather
  • Closest traffic cam to the user location

News To Go is a good all around application that provides relevant information that most of us access at least once a day.

News To Go is available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99.