Game Review: Pig Rush For iPhone

Pig Rush is a casual platform game in which the only task is to jump to avoid obstacles!

Pig Rush by ReignDesign

Pig Rush is the perfect definition of a casual iPhone/iPod Touch game. The game play is fun, simple and easy to learn.

Features 1/2

The goal of Pig Rush is to avoid the obstacles that appear during game play. The character, Jumpy the Pig, continually moves forward and players must jump to dodge the obstacles.

There are two heights for jumping; high and low. Depending on the obstacle, which includes gaps in the ground and small fire pits, players may want to jump low or jump high. Players can also double-jump by tapping twice when jumping instead of tapping once. As a bonus, picking up a fireman hat protects players one time from the fire obstacle.

The more obstacles that players successfully dodge, the faster the pig runs. The increased running speed makes the levels more difficult as players must reevaluate the timing and height of their jumps. The game also includes global leaderboards so players can compete against others worldwide.

Controls & Navigation 2/2

As is common with many of these types of games, the controls are very simple. With Pig Rush, as mentioned earlier, players jump either high or low to avoid obstacles.

To choose whether players jump high or low, players simply tap near the top of the iPhone to jump high or tap near the bottom of the iPhone to jump low. Navigation is also very clean with easy access to begin play, view highscores and toggle off or on the sound.

Sounds & Visuals 1/1

Pig Rush comes with some great music, both during game play and menu selection. The game also includes sound effects for each jump. When the character falls into a pit or touches the fire, they receive some very funny fail music. Since players can toggle on or off the sound, using iPod music is an option.

Visuals are good for the casual game that Pig Rush is and provides a good amount of detail for both the game play environment and character.

Pig Rush is scored a 4 out of 5.

Pig Rush is available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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