Skype V1.3 iPhone App Update: Landscape, Call Improvements

Just a quick note out there for those people using Skype on their iPhone. If you haven’t already downloaded Skype, it’s one of my favourite iPhone apps. Why? Because it saves me MONEY! How? By installing the tweak 3G Unrestrictor via jailbreaking, I can now use my data plan to make calls over 3G.

This means I can make unlimited calls to Canada/USA for less than $3/month with Skype’s subscription plans. That’s pretty amazing considering Rogers charges you $0.35/minute for long distance within Canada! Anyways, with that being said the Skype team released a much anticipated update yesterday.

Skype Version 1.3 Brings a Few Nice Additions

Here are the changes in Skype 1.3:

  • Landscape mode for chat
  • Hints and Tips (for new users; helpful)
  • Performance improvements
  • Call quality indicator (love this!)
  • Fixed call drop issue when returning to a held Skype call
  • You’ll also notice that the SMS icon looks slightly different too

Skype 1.3 Still Works With 3G Unrestrictor

Previously, some early Skype updates would remove the ability to make calls over 3G. That has all changed with 3G Unrestrictor, which makes it extremely easy to enable ANY app to work over 3G. That being said, I immediately tested a voice call over 3G and everything still works great!

If you’ve had some issues with Skype on the iPhone, don’t wait any longer–go download the update. Until next time, happy calling!