Game Review: StickWars For iPhone: Now Updated With OpenFeint

I  have an updated game review of StickWars for iPhone: Now updated with OpenFeint. You can read Gary’s previous review here: StickWars and Flight Control Review for the iPhone

Do you remember the days back in school when you started drawing your first stickmen? Or maybe it was just in general anything to do with stick figures? Now how about being able to toss and flick them around! Well let me introduce you to StickWars.

StickWars is a wicked fast paste game which requires finger coordination and strategy. (Warning! Before you continue reading any further and I know your going to purchase StickWars after this review. Be aware you may get sore, tired fingers and wrists)

Your goal is to defend your kingdom from the stick figures and trust me, it may look easy at first but gets very challenging when you reached those high levels!

How to play? You simply tap the screen with your finger when a stickmen appears and then flick away! You can aim in different angles as you flick the stickmen to make him come splatting to the ground or even toss him at other stick figures to defend your kingdom.

You will notice as the levels get higher that some stickmen are faster then others, some carry weapons (Which will take 2 taps in order to pick up and flick) and then others will be pushing along a catapult. Soon dragons will appear and many more enemies which you will find out once playing.

After a round is cleared, you will come to a screen that shows you all your kills, points for kills that are converted to cash and more information on up keeping for your archers, repairmen, wizards.

When ready and you continue to the next screen menu which allows you to buy features to improve your kingdom, higher archery’s, repairmen and more.

There are unlimited rounds, so keep playing until your get defeated. Choose from Easy, Medium and Hard. You’ll also notice special features that use the accelerometer (Deploy bombers) and multitouch commands.

Here’s a feature that cannot be missed: OpenFeint.

OpenFeint is an online feature with millions of players and a huge variety of games in a community.

OpenFeint features are:
– Manage your OpenFeint profile
– Chat with OpenFeint Friends
– Import new friends using Facebook or Twitter
– Check out your Achievements and Feint scores.
– Join forums with many other gamers in the community

Feel free to add my username as a friend and enjoy some challenges! OpenFeint account: iEvolution

StickWars is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99
StickWars Lite is available in the iTunes App Store for FREE
StickWars Ultimate Challenge is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99

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