Game Review: Family Guy: Uncensored

Giggidy, giggidy, gig-gi-dy! What comes to mind when you hear that? Glen Quagmire from Family Guy!

Family Guy, one of my all time favourite TV series show! But not only can you watch the TV episodes, you can also play the App Store game called Family Guy: Uncensored.

Family Guy: Uncensored starts off when Peter sits down to watch T.V and the electricity cuts out. Brian then rushes out from the bathroom to give Peter a speech for not paying the electricity bill, but instead Stewie appears and tries to make Brian pay him back $100 that he owes. From here is when the game begins!

First of all these are mini games that you play and some can be fun and others, well can be a little disappointing. It’s a hit or miss. In total, there are 10 mini games and are needed to be unlocked once you beat the previous mini game. The levels are Brian vs Stewie, Jungle Love, Sketch Arcade, Robo Stewie, Rocket Brian, Stewie vs Bertram, Peter vs Chicken, Piranha Panic, Peter Copter and Meg Jump. As you continue through the mini games, they do get more challenging and are hilarious!

The controls are very easy to catch on but in some of the mini games I notice it was a little tricky and can use some improvements. Graphics are good, although you may come across some laggy moments. One main feature that I was disappointed in was no voice overs. I was hoping they would have voice for the characters.

Did you miss watching a cut scene? or how about you really liked a specific mini game? Well once you beat the game, you will notice you can go back and watch the cut scenes, choose a specific mini game to challenge again or start a new game.

If you are in the mood for a good laugh, some mini games and of course a Family Guy game. I would recommend giving the game a try!
Overall I give Family Guy: Uncensored a 2.5/5 and take advantage of the special offer.

Family Guy: Uncensored is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99 (SUPER SALE: 80% off!)

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