WhatsApp Updated: Location Sharing and Contact Sharing

**edit** Jan.25/10—The WhatsApp team along with myself plus some others (including Rogers) have fixed this problem! The app now works perfectly over 3G for Rogers/Fido users!

There are some iPhone apps that are just awesome. One of those is WhatsApp, an iPhone to iPhone messaging system that takes full advantage of Push Notifications. We reviewed WhatsApp vs Ping! previously, and it’s now clear that WhatsApp is the winner (I’m glad I managed to snag it when it was free!).

WhatsApp 2.5 Update Brings Location Sharing and Contact Sharing

WhatsApp has recently been updated to version 2.5. This update brings the ability to share your location and contacts within your message chats. These new features are awesome and do come in very handy. I was able to test these perfectly over WiFi. But…

WhatsApp 2.5 Now Does Not Works Over 3G on Rogers/Fido!

When I tried launching WhatsApp over 3G, I ran into an error. Initially, I thought the current update had caused the WhatsApp servers to go down, but the WhatsApp team quickly responded that it was the Rogers network that caused the problem (gee, what a surprise?!).

Some users have been able to get WhatsApp working over Rogers/Fido on 3G, but most people haven’t. I’ve been working directly with the WhatsApp team testing some updated versions to ensure that 2.5.1 will fix this bug! Kudos for the WhatsApp team for quickly responding via twitter and I’m happy to help them troubleshoot since I use WhatsApp all the time. Kudos to the WhatsApp team for addressing this issue so quickly!

Are you on Rogers/Fido? Does the WhatsApp 2.5 update work for you?

Tell us where you are, and what network you’re with. It doesn’t work here in Vancouver!