– My experience with a speaker replacement on my iPhone 3G

We all love our iPhones. For some of us, that dreaded day comes when something on it breaks. Some have the misfortune of a cracked screen, their battery no longer holding a charge, or in my case recently, the external speaker blowing!  One day my iPhone 3G was working fine, and the next day all you could hear when someone called or when I received a text message was a very soft, muffled crackly sound.

I did what most would do, I panicked. I set up a Genius Bar appointment at Oakridge Centre in Vancouver, with the hopes that it might be a quick easy fix. Just my luck, the phone was 90 days out of the 1 year warranty period, and it would be $229 plus tax to get a new one.  My next thought was that maybe I would be able to get a replacement if I signed a new contract with Fido.  This was something I didn’t want to do, because I wanted to wait until this summer when the next iPhone is supposed to be released, and use my upgrade to get the new iPhone.

That’s when I remembered Their services have been mentioned before on this site here, but I wanted to give a first hand review of my experience.  I followed their online ordering guide, set up an account, chose iPhone testing for $0.01, and pre-paid my return shipping, with the total coming to $12.01.  I made sure I packed up my iPhone securely, and sent it off to Toronto on a Thursday morning.

On Tuesday at 8.47am I receive an e-mail from Peter, saying they have tested out my iPhone, and it needs a speaker replacement, which would cost $80. I immediately sent the payment via Paypal, and received a return e-mail from Peter saying my phone has been repaired, and has already been shipped back to me along with a tracking number, at 10.12am!  They had repaired my phone, and shipped it back in less than 2 hours! If that’s not fast service, I don’t know what is.

When you are pre-paying for return shipping, there is an option to have it sent back faster with UPS.  I chose the regular parcel with Canada Post, and a week later my iPhone was back in my hands, working like new!  It was very securely packaged (photos above), and came back without a scratch!  The only regret with the whole experience that I had was not paying extra for the quicker return shipping. Being without an iPhone for two weeks was pretty unbearable.  I had to use my old Nokia during the interim, and it was not fun. You don’t realise how amazing your iPhone really is and how much you actually use it until you no longer have one.

In total, the repair cost me a little over $90.  A lot cheaper than getting a replacement through Apple, and I didn’t have to use my upgrade with Fido that I will use when the next iPhone comes out! I would highly recommend Peter and for your iPhone and iPod repairs, the service was amazing!  Have you used What was your experience like?

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