2010 WWDC Predictions: iPhone HD/4G Plus…What Else?

June 7th has finally arrived! Today kicks off the 2010 WWDC where Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone HD/4G, which we have already seen thanks to Gizmodo (which, funny enough, they did not get press passes to WWDC). We’ve seen videos of the next iPhone and tear downs as well. Apple might not reveal that prototype that was exposed, but possibly another iPhone altogether. What will the next iPhone entail?

Here are some last minute “leaks” from CNET Asia that are from a Korean production line:

iPhone Predictions for Today’s WWDC:

  • Front facing camera (iChat integration just like on OS X)
  • Higher resolution screen
  • Hardware redesign: thinner, lighter, less plastic
  • 5.0 megapixel camera with LED flash; HD video ready
  • 512MB RAM, A4 processor
  • Better battery life–50% increase compared to 3GS
  • 802.11n wireless
  • 32GB/64GB models at $199/$299 price point
  • iPhone 3GS price drop to $99

Other Miscellaneous Announcements:

  • Steve Jobs opens with some sort of joke about the whole Gizmodo saga (possibly a bar joke)
  • iPhone OS 4.0 download available today or next week; further features revealed
  • Safari 5, developer preview of OS X 10.7

What do you think will be announced today? The opening keynote starts at 10AM PST, and will be live blogged by Engadget. ARE YOU READY?!

[CNET Asia]

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