Apple To Solve iPhone 4 Reception Problem With Antenna Hardware Fix?

Later last night, reports indicated that Apple may be working on a “brute force” hardware fix for the iPhone 4 antenna problem.

AppleInsider claims that people familiar with the matter have indicated that Apple has decided on an actual hardware fix for the iPhone 4.

Sources have reportedly revealed that the “mechanical fix” is the equivalent of placing a rubber stopgap inside of the iPhone 4. By changing the inside of the device, Apple leaves the outside aesthetics of the iPhone 4 untouched.

“From a cosmetic purpose, it’s going to be completely transparent,” Kumar said. “But from an engineering perspective, it’s going to be more of a brute force than an elegant addition.”

Although, some of wondered if this “fix” is really just a band-aid to quickly address customer complaints. Going back and inserting a mechanical piece does not seem to have the usual suave of Apple engineering.

On the other hand, issuing an iPhone 4 recall may not make sense for Apple, which would force the company into essentially redesigning the device. A recall would also very likely push back the Canadian launch date of the iPhone 4.

So what do you think? Do you prefer a recall and fresh, new device? Or the same iPhone 4 with an unseen internal hardware fix?