CBC Report: Unlocked iPhone 4 Prices in Canada $659/779

**Update 1: it seems the Toronto Star is also stating the same pricing as the CBC. Thanks @msjpearson

The iPhone 4 launches this Friday, and Apple officially reminded us today. As for pricing, the Big 3 carriers have still kept us in the dark. It can be safe to assume pricing will be similar to the $199/$299 for 16/32GB models just like the iPhone 3GS last year.

CBC Reports Unlocked iPhone 4 Prices Will Be $659/$779?

The CBC wrote a story today that speculated on unlocked iPhone 4 pricing in Canada. Their sources told them the following:

iPhone 4 16GB: $659
iPhone 4 32GB: $779

Now, our previous unlocked iPhone 4 price predictions were $649/$749 for the 16/32GB models. We based this on the current price of the 8GB iPhone 3GS, which is selling for $549 unlocked. Apple typically prices their products with uniformity, just like what they did with their iPad pricing in Canada.

I checked with one of my Apple sources and the CBC prices are included with the $649/$749 numbers, so we will hear the final pricing announcement soon. Take the CBC report with a grain of salt as they could change. Why would people pay $120 more for the 32GB, when historically it was $100?

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!


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