iPhone 4 Launch Overview: Rogers Systems Fail Again!

The iPhone 4 launch was a huge success depending on how you acquired your iPhone. For those that purchased outright unlocked units from Apple Stores, your transaction was completed in a matter of minutes (including those that ordered online). I entered the Apple Store in Vancouver at 7:30am (after waiting in line all night) and I was out the door with my unlocked unit 10 minutes later. I noticed employees were only plucking “device only” people out of the line up–and people looking to upgrade with Rogers were at a standstill.

For those that were upgrading/activating through Rogers, your dreams of an iPhone 4 probably turned into a nightmare. Why? Because history likes to repeat itself when it comes to Rogers, and for the third iPhone launch in a row their systems crumbled like a deck of cards. Just like the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS launch, the systems went down coast to coast and caused many hours of waiting for customers. I feel bad that I couldn’t be a part of that waiting this time around.

Not only did the systems go down on launch day, but I was inundated with emails about how the Rogers iPhone 4 sign up page did not send any emails to notify customers about plans. People relied on iPhoneinCanada.ca to help them with their iPhone 4 launch preparations instead of the websites of the Big 3. Funny how that works, eh?

On a side note, I’d like to give credit to @RogersMiranda for personally contacting me to help solve a customer’s concern that was voiced in the comments on our blog. Well done Miranda!

How did your Rogers/Bell/Telus launch go? Were you one of the lucky ones to activate when systems were still up? Sound off in the comments!