Rogers Should Be Ashamed. Smartphone Data Travel Plans Vs. Travel Packs.

**This is an opinion piece by Chris Aceto, contributing writer.**

I’m heading to California next week and I thought I’d plan ahead by calling Rogers and activating a US Data Pack. On the Rogers website I noticed some interesting plans on the Smartphone Data Plan page, namely the $40 travel plan.

1 GB of data for
Canada & the U.S.
Additional Data $0.25 / MB

The above package seems like a great deal even though I will only be in the U.S. for 10 days. I decided to see if Rogers updated their U.S. Data Travel Packs to reflect these new data plan options, unfortunately they didn’t.

75 MB of data
Additional Data $.80 / MB

What a joke! $40 for 1GB versus $60 for 75MB. Is Rogers serious?

I currently pay roughly $150 month for my Rogers plan and I think it’s unethical and insulting to turn around and ask me, a 10 year customer, to pay $60 for 75MB of data when I travel to the US no more than twice a year.

Rogers is clearly offering cheaper travel options in the form of monthly data plans which are 50% of the price with 1200% more data.

Seriously. Do the shot-callers at Rogers really think that little of us? Do they laugh at the fact that we, their loyal customers, pay these ridiculous prices even when their pricing structure shows blatant contradictions such as this one?

Those of you that are traveling abroad and are thinking of taking a TRAVEL PACK, please be aware that you are paying twice as much for a thousand times less data than someone who opts for the monthly travel pack.

The excuse that Rogers provided is that, “the system won’t allow us to add the monthly travel pack. If it’s added you will lose your current $30/6GB plan and will be charged for downgrading your plan $5/mnth for each month left in your contract upto $100. The Travel Pack is really the best option for you. We can offer you 75MB for a one time charge of $60”. I’m sorry Rogers. What was I thinking? If the system won’t allow it, of course I’ll pay this ridiculously high amount, knowing full well that you’re ripping me off. I’m sorry for being such a bother, asking to be treated fairly. If the system can’t compute this complicated request I’ll just pay whatever you want. No problem.

That’s fine Rogers. Keep treating us like morons. I will gladly pay $500 to break my contract 3 years early, if what you’re telling me is that you’re willing to lose $6600 over the next 3 years ($5400 Wireless + $1260 iPad Data) rather than let me pay you an extra $40 for 1GB of US data that I will only use for 10 days?

Who’s the idiot?

If you’re as angry as I am use this page to contact the Office of the President. Fill out the form and quote this article.

Bell Canada! Telus!? Are you there? This is the perfect time to step-up your game!