NHL Gamecenter 2010 iPhone Review

So yesterday I finally got my new iPhone and naturally, I got straight to downloading a whack-load of apps, many of them sports focused and one of them was NHL Gamecenter 2010. With the season still in it’s infancy, I thought a review would be prudent.

I didn’t actually set out to download it since I was already familiar with ScoreMobile and the TSN Mobile iPhone apps but when I went to snag them from the App Store, NHL Gamecenter 2010 was one of the featured apps and with a price of FREE, I couldn’t resist. Turns out it’s pretty decent and the name of the game is simplicity.

The first screen you’re greeted with is the Scores page. The layout is clean, simple and striking. You can move forward or backwards to see future or past games/scores. Tap on the date and a calendar view comes up so you can pick a specific date to view. Tap on a particular game and you see the full summary. Rotate and you get an ice view summary with loads of options and details. It’s pretty slick!

The Standings screen allows you to view by Division, Conference (which will come in handy when the season is down to the wire to see if your team is gonna make the playoffs) or the entire league.

You can flag your favourite teams so that they appear at the top of the Scores screen, either by tapping the star when you’ve opened the team’s screen or by tapping More (Settings) > Favorite Teams. Once you’ve done so, you can go into the Settings and set various Game alerts.

You aren’t limited to your favourite teams for alerts though. On any given screen, there’s a little alarm clock in the top-right corner which allows you turn on alerts for the day’s games in case a division rival’s match is of importance to you. The one complaint I have is that you can’t flag individual players for alerts which would come handy for that office pool you’ve joined.

Overall, it’s a pretty great app for hockey fans of any variety and although you can get most of this info from other sports apps like TSN or ScoreMobile, NHL Gamecenter 2010 does got above and beyond that providing that added value.

Click here to download NHL Gamecenter.