iFishAlberta For iPhone & iPod Touch

If you are a fisher or fish watcher in and around Alberta, then iFishAlberta may be an app for you to check out.

iFishAlberta by The App Door

iFishAlberta is a fishing companion app focused exclusively on fishing within Alberta, Canada. The app provides a very user-friendly guide to sport fishing in Alberta lakes and waters.

With the app, users can search for lakes by name or by using proximity search through the iDevice GPS. When a fishing spot is found, the app provides a summary of catch limits, specie references, interactive directions, real-time weather, boat launch locations, points of interest, and various tips & tricks such as scaling and tying knots.

The app features over 450 lakes (700 coming soon!) and includes Lunar Fishing Calendars so users know when the fish are biting! The app also includes links to numerous resources including:

  • Fish & Wildlife Numbers
  • Boating License Requirements
  • Alberta Angling Records
  • Camping in Alberta
  • Fishing License Requirements

A nice technical feature of the app is that iFishAlberta does not require an active 3G or WiFi connection to function. Some of the basic features such as lake search, lake limits, and fish information are available without an Internet connection.

However to use features such as the proximity search, directions, depth charts, and points of interest, the app will require an Internet connection.

Overall if you’re based out of Alberta and are a fisher or fish watcher, iFishAlberta is a great companion app. iFishAlberta is available in App Store for $4.99.