Maxim City Guide for iPhone Review

Feeling like going out tonight, but can decide where to go? There is an App for that…

Have you ever wanted to know where the hottest, sexist parties in your town are? With Maxim’s City Guide, all that info is at your fingertips.

The Maxim City Guide is nicely designed and it is an app very simple to use. It allows you to find restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, and places for shopping, health and beauty. All you have to do is search or use your Geo location. Even better, if you don’t feel like searching you can choose one of Maxim’s Picks.

This app has currently only five search categories: Restaurants, Bars & Clubs, Shopping, Hotels, and Health & Beauty. I personally find the selection minimal, I would like to see an attractions and festivals category added.

One great feature of the Maxim City Guide is Access Perks. With Access Perks you can get discounts, complimentary stuff such as a free drink at a bar or a salad at a restaurant, and special VIP treatment at clubs!

One problem, though… I have noticed that in Access Perks, currently there are no PERKS in Toronto. I have been using the app for a month and have not seen yet a perk yet. I really hope this feature is expanded on to Toronto in the future. Has anyone else had this problem in your city?

If you are one of those people who like going to the same places over and over or just want to save a place so you can visit later, the Maxim City Guide allows you to bookmark locations for easy viewing.

Overall the Maxim City Guide isn’t spectacular but it is easy to use and useful if you can’t think of where to go out.

If you have downloaded this app what will you like to see in future updates, comment below.

Here is the iTunes description:

“People today crave information that can keep up with their increasingly demanding, exciting lives. MAXIM CITY GUIDE is the go-to guide for everything you need to know about the coolest places in your city; from the newest, sexiest hot spots to the best restaurants, bars & clubs, shops, hotels, and places to meet your health & beauty needs. Look no further. MAXIM CITY GUIDE will arm you with the tools to live a better life and have fun while doing it.”

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