Notable App Updates: Globe and Mail, Boxcar

A couple of my favourite apps had some major updates yesterday. The Globe and Mail and Boxcar had some nice updates. Be sure to check out our Globe and Mail and Boxcar reviews. The Spreed feature of the Globe and Mail app is pretty cool.

Boxcar adds support for Foursquare, Gowalla, Reddit and twitter @anyone. Plus, there are also a tonne of bug fixes. Boxcar is an awesome app to see a unified stream of all your push notifications.

Here’s what’s new:

Globe and Mail: What’s New In Version 1.10

– New Globe and Mail branding
– Retina display support
– iOS 4.2 compatibility

Click here to download the Globe and Mail.

Boxcar: What’s new in Version 4.1


* Gowalla
* Foursquare
* Reddit (Public and Accounts)
* Twitter @anyone (instant push for your friends when they tweet!)

Click here to download Boxcar.

What app updates have you been pleased to see lately?