Consumer Reports Rates Canadian Wireless Carriers, Rogers & Bell In Last Place

In the January 2011 issue of Consumer Reports, the group provides a solid analysis of different mobile phones and wireless carriers. While most of the ratings are US-based, they did also compile a Canadian wireless carrier list.

The Consumer Reports ratings on the Canadian wireless carriers are based on 12,317 Canadian responses, which includes a combination of prepaid and postpaid customers. The rating categories are overall value, services such as voice, texting, data and consumer support such as phone, online, staff knowledge and issues resolved.

The results, marked out of 100 points, are seen below:

  • SaskTel came in first with an overall reader satisfaction rate of 71 points.
  • Virgin came in second place with 69 points.
  • Fido came in third with 62 points.
  • Telus came in fourth with 61 points.
  • MTS came in fifth with 59 points.
  • Rogers and Bell tied for last place with 57 points.

Image Credit: MobileSyrup

Interestingly, looking at overall value however, SaskTel and Virgin again came in tied for first place and Rogers and Bell, again, came in tied for last.

It is also note worthy to point out that none of the new entrants (WIND, Mobilicity, etc) are listed on the poll.

So what do you think of the results? Do you agree?

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