BudPhone iPhone App: Free Unlimited Long Distance in Canada from Budweiser

This Bud’s for you. No, we’re not talking about Al Bundy’s son, but the new free app from Budweiser, Budphone. It allows you to make free unlimited long distance calls within Canada (so far it’s only four provinces). It does not use VoIP/data to achieve this, but uses the traditional method of dialing a local access number (remember the days of “roaming”??), then dialing out your intended recipient.

The app is powered by freephoneline.ca and there are paid options to call cities outside the free list, and even to numbers worldwide.

Here’s how Budphone works on the iPhone:

How does the Bud Phone Smartphone put an end to cell phone long distance?
When you use the cellular application, you will not be billed by your wireless provider for long distance charges. Our application dials an access number, local to the city you are in (chosen by you) which then connects the long distance call through our network.

How does it work?
The smartphone app on your phone automatically calls a local access number to our network. Once connected, it enters the destination number you are calling to. Since your call is now going over our network, your wireless carrier does not charge you for long distance calls. By using the smartphone application, you are able to call numerous cities in Canada for FREE. If you have a ‘favorite’ 5/10 plan with your cell carrier, adding our access number to that list will allow you to enjoy unlimited calling through the smartphone application from that location.

Here’s the iTunes description:

The Bud Phone Smartphone app allows you to make FREE unlimited long distance calls to many cities in Canada. http://www.budphone.ca/cityListing

That’s right, it’s FREE to talk as often and as long as you want!

Making a call is really easy. Launch the app, select the city you are in, and dial or select the number you want to call from your contact list. Then, sit back and enjoy free long distance calling to many Canadian cities.
For more information visit www.budphone.ca

**Also available: Long Distance Vouchers

By purchasing a long distance voucher you will be able to call internationally. You can also make calls to areas of Canada not covered by our free service area, at rates lower than most mobile service providers. This means when you are calling the rest of Canada and the U.S.A. you will only pay 2 cents per minute. On our 50 country plan you can make calls at just 3 cents per minute.


• FREE unlimited long distance calling to most Canadian destinations.
• The app automatically syncs with your phone’s contacts
• You can dial manually or the application will dial directly from the contacts tab
• Save money when calling international destinations at some of the lowest rates
• Works with iOS3.1.2 or greater


You must be of legal drinking age in the Province you reside in to download or register the app. Please go to m.budphone.ca on your mobile device or www.budphone.ca on your PC to register before downloading this app.

Before you download the Budphone app, you must first register on Budphone.ca. Once registered you’ll receive a download/activation link via SMS, which will take you to the App Store. Budphone will make your call by dialing out to the local access number, then dialing your desired number.

I tried out Budphone on my iPhone 4 and it worked great. The downside was that contacts that had the +1 xxx-xxx-xxxx format did not work. The “+1” throws off Budphone once it reaches the local access number. If you’re on a My5 or My10 plan, add one of the Budphone local access numbers and you’ll have unlimited long distance! The benefit of Budphone is that it uses your cell line and not data. Therefore, call quality won’t fluctuate like in VoIP apps such as Skype.

There’s also a desktop version of Budphone for your computer for free calls as well. I haven’t tested it out yet, but so far Budphone has lived up to its promise of free Canadian long distance. The downside? It’s limited to four provinces only and requires some work to get it setup. But hey, if you want to save money on long distance this is the way to go.

The full list of cities for free calling is here (only BC, AB, ON, QC).

Click here to download Budphone and tell me what you think!

[via @justinluey]

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