Internet Speeds: Canada Versus The World

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Our coverage of User-Based Billing (UBB) has resulted in the CRTC’s decision to implement this for Internet to be delayed thanks to you (415,000+). With some of the most expensive Internet bandwidth in the world, how do speeds in Canada compare with countries around the globe?

The CBC used data from to compile the following graphs of Internet upload and download speeds, comparing Canada versus the world:

Interesting details:

  • Download speeds: Canada comes 36th in terms of average download speed, at 9.52 megabits per second (Mbps). The US is ranked 31st, the UK, 29th.
  • Upload speeds: Canada is in 64th spot globally, at 1.35Mbps, behind smaller countries with less developed infrastructures, including:
  • Mozambique, ranked 62nd, at 1.41Mbps.
  • Swaziland, ranked 61st, at 1.43Mbps.
  • Kenya, ranked 58th, at 1.52 Mbps.
  • Kazakhstan, ranked 40th, at 2.10Mbps.
  • Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society ranked Canada 25th out of 30 countries in a report that looked at pricing for services ranging from low-speed to high-speed connectivity.

CRTC Chairman Grilled by Commons Committee

CRTC chairman, Konrad von Finckenstein, appeared before a Commons Committee yesterday to justify and explain his decision over UBB. Here are some quotes from him:

…In light of these requests and the evident concerns expressed by Canadians, the Commission has decided to: Delay the implementation of usage-based billing for wholesale customers by at least 60 days…

…I would like to reiterate the Commission’s view that usage-based billing is a legitimate principle for pricing Internet services. We are convinced that Internet services are no different than other public utilities, and the vast majority of Internet users should not be asked to subsidize a small minority of heavy users. For us, it is a question of fundamental fairness. Let me restate: ordinary users should not be forced to subsidize heavy users.

…and here’s one more delightful video–Bell and the CRTC (NSFW; language):

You have to love living in Canada.

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