Netflix Canada to Get Slapped with Broadcast Fees?

Netflix Canada was introduced to our great country last September. I found the service to be amazing since content can be watched from my iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. For a mere $8/month, users can watch unlimited TV/movies (their library is growing, albeit slowly) every month–that is until your internet provider knocks you out.

Netflix Canada to Get Slapped with Broadcast Fees?

Say it ain’t so. When I read this over at TNW, my heart skipped a beat. Canadians have been waiting forever to get Netflix.

As Brodie Beta explains:

According to our sources, the Canadian Media Production Assiociation (CMPA) is suggesting that the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Commission) should be charging Netflix because it’s “undermining the Canadian broadcasters’ revenue model”. In other words, it’s too cheap.

Other broadcasters, such as Rogers and Bell pay a local content production fees and the debate is Netflix should too. But wait–Netflix is a streaming online service. Will the CRTC try to stifle online innovation and competition yet again?

I love Netflix, even though the library isn’t as large as it should be but will change once more and more people continue to support it (click here for a one month free trial).

What do you think? Should Netflix Canada pay fees like regular broadcasters?