Phil Schiller Confirms White “iPhone” For Spring 2011

After numerous delays and production problems with the white iPhone 4, a spring 2011 date was finally locked down earlier this year. However even then, some users had their doubts that Apple could deliver on the mystical device.

One of the main reasons people doubt the release of the white iPhone 4 this spring 2011 is due to the proximity of the device’s release to the iPhone 5. If the white iPhone 4 was released this April or May, for example, that leaves approximately two months before the iPhone 5 launch.

iPhone 5 or not, to help out with the doubts, Apple Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, via Twitter, confirmed that the “white iPhone” will be launching  spring of this year. Note however that he did not specifically say “iPhone 4” (could we see an early iPhone 5 launch this year?).

So there you have it. If you’ve been waiting for the white iPhone to be released, it’s only a few months (weeks?) away.