Convore: Forums, Chat, and Messaging Made Easy on the iPhone

Every week we discuss the latest about iOS news and apps on The iPhone Podcast, and Justin Luey manages to find some nice little gems. One of those is Convore, a new app that lets you chat with others in real-time. It’s essentially forums made easy on iOS.

But Convore goes beyond just for chat. It’s slowly becoming the place for online forum discussions made easy right on the iPhone. Users can join existing groups or create their own, on any given topic. The cool part is, you can jump into any forum and start chatting up a storm. One example is the forum started by Justin on all things related to The iPhone Podcast. Overnight, the groups have exploded with messages from various people.

Typically, using forums on the iPhone can be difficult due to formatting issues. Convore solves this by making everything easy to read (although I would like the option to increase font sizes), manage and it’s all in real-time. When you re-open the app, all the groups with replies are highlighted.

You can sign in with twitter or facebook to get started so it’s easy to get setup. You can also give members “stars” to reward them for being helpful, plus add images by pasting links. There’s also an ability to read and reply to messages online via

An app like Convore would make it really easy to connect with other Canadian iPad 2 enthusiasts lining up for Friday’s 8am Apple Retail launch.

Click here to download Confore–it’s free.