iPhone 5 Details Being Closely Guarded More than Before?

Rumours about the iPhone 5 mention a delay until the Fall instead of the typical schedule of a WWDC announcement and subsequent Summer launch. Normally around this time of the year iPhone 5 “details” would emerge but right now nothing substantial has been ‘leaked’.

Did Apple learn its lesson after the iPhone 4 was ‘stolen’ from a bar last year and ended up in the hands of Gizmodo? We know the iPhone 5 exists in Apple’s pipeline, but right now it appears the vault has been sealed tight as nobody is talking. Suppliers are keeping mum on the situation and we have been led to believe a ‘delay’ is imminent.

One analyst believes Apple is working harder than ever before to keep thinks secret to prevent a fall in iPhone 4 demand, as people will stop buying if they know a new model is around the corner:

“Apple is keeping its iPhone 5 cards extra close to the vest on this launch to avoid a falloff in iPhone 4 demand ahead of a refresh, especially given the February launch of the CDMA iPhone 4 with Verizon,” Analyst Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities said in a note to investors on Friday. He believes that the iPhone 5 could still launch in June or July, as previous models have.

I mentioned before why I don’t need a new iPhone right now as the iPhone 4’s hardware still has lots of life left in it. I’m expecting a huge shift coming in iOS 5 to improve the experience on my iPhone 4.

I get asked all the time ‘when is the iPhone 5 being released?’ and ‘should I wait or get the iPhone 4 now?’. The only answer I give is we don’t know when the next model is coming, but you won’t be disappointed with the iPhone 4.

The reality is the iPhone 5 could come at any time, and when it does we could all be shocked just like when the original iPhone was announced in 2007. We had no idea at the time such a device was possible with such robust Internet and multi-touch capabilities.

Are you ‘waiting’ for the iPhone 5 right now?


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