Rogers Updates Government Regulatory Government Fee (GRRF) On Price Plans

In late 2009, the Canadian wireless carriers started eliminating their system access and 911 fees. The system access and 911 fees typically cost from $6.95 – $8.95 and $0.50 – $1.00 depending on carrier and province.

When the Canadian carriers finally eliminated the system access fees, most increased all of their price plans by $5.00/month. This was a fair tradeoff since a minimum of $7.45 in fees were reduced, giving users a net overall plan savings of $2.45.

However, Rogers took it one step further by introducing a GRRF (Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on top of the $5.00 monthly increase. Also note worthy is that this fee has nothing to do with the Canadian Government, despite its name.

In the end, with the GRRF and $5.00 monthly fee increase, plans ended up being about $0.13 more expensive (higher in some provinces) with Rogers.

At that time, in late 2009, the GRRF for voice or voice and data plans was as follows:

  • $2.58/month: AB, BC, MB, ON, QC
  • $3.11/month: NB
  • $3.46/month: NF/L
  • $3.01/month: NS
  • $3.08/month: PEI
  • $2.96/month: SK

About a year later, showing just how useless this fee is, Rogers saw fit to decrease (or increase in some cases) the fee to the following:

  • $2.43/month: AB, BC, MB, ON  Decrease
  • $2.43/month: NWT, YT, NUN – Increase (never had GRRF before)
  • $2.96/month: NB – Decrease
  • $3.45/month: NF/L – Decrease
  • $2.86/month: NS – Decrease
  • $2.93/month: PEI – Decrease
  • $2.83/month: QC – Increase
  • $3.05/month: SK – Increase

Effective May 3 2011, Rogers has again reduced (or increased in some cases), but not eliminated, the GRRF:

  • $2.35/month: AB, BC, MB, ON – Decrease
  • $2.35/month: NWT, YT, NUN – Decrease
  • $2.88/month: NB  Decrease
  • $3.35/month: NF/L  Decrease
  • $2.78/month: NS  Decrease
  • $2.85/month: PEI  Decrease
  • $2.75/month: QC  Decrease, but higher than it was in 2009. So actually an increase.
  • $2.97/month: SK  Decrease, but higher than it was in 2009. So actually an increase.


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