[Update] iOS 5 to Feature ‘Automatic Download’ for App Updates Over the Air

Update 2: Okay, this is the real deal. @arnoldkim confirmed to me via twitter he saw it with his own eyes and took the screenshot himself, it was not a screen sent into MacRumors. It appears to be a US-only slip up–as Apple has deactivated the Updates page.

Update 1: Apple recently referred to applications as ‘apps’, as seen in its recent iWork announcement (thx @arnoldkim). Compare this to previously when they used the word ‘applications‘. This could very well be true! **crosses fingers**

The closer we get to WWDC, the more rumours we continue to see. Earlier today we saw leaked images of the iCloud beta login, more evidence of twitter integration, and now MacRumors is reporting iOS 5 will feature ‘Automatic Download’ for app updates–over the air. They were sent the following screenshot by a reader MacRumors founder Arnold Kim saw the wording and took the following screenshot:

Compare the following screenshot from my iTunes (Canada):

The language definitely seems different, which is odd. The existing iTunes refers to ‘apps’ as ‘applications’. This leads me to believe it’s either a hoax, US and Canadian iTunes accounts have different wording, or Apple has updated the language in a future version of iTunes.

Nonetheless, if this features is indeed true, it’s one that we’ve all been longing for. Previous rumours stated over the air updates would be coming this Fall. The jailbreak tweak WiFiSync can sync your iPhone wirelessly, but it’s not very practical.

Although updating apps isn’t hard, it can be time consuming when we have to constantly keep tabs on updates. Come on Monday, hurry up and arrive! 🙂