Georeme: Location Based Push Alerts Just Like iOS 5

When I first heard of Georeme, I was quite impressed with the concept. It’s quite simple: you can set alerts to go off when you enter or leave a particular area. We were shown this feature in iOS 5, as part of the new Reminders app.

Well, the developer of Georeme clearly inspired Apple because this app has been out way before WWDC. Here are my quick thoughts on Georeme, but the description first:

– Create a location by browsing a map or by searching for a certain address.
– Create a reminder and add it to one of your locations.
– Choose address from persons in your addressbook.
– Activate/deactivate a reminder so you don’t have to create and delete them all the time.
– Add a due date for each reminder. Georeme will remind you even if you haven’t reached the location!
– Add a start date. You won’t be reminded before this date!
– Choose certain days of the week on which you want Georeme to remind you.
– Set a “Do Not Disturb” nightly window.
– Choose from many different alarm sounds.
– Enable multiple alerts (reminds you after 2 and 10 minutes)
– Set a radius for each location. Georeme will remind you when you’re within this radius!

The app was fairly easy to setup, all you do is set Reminders (see, I told you Apple was inspired by Georeme!), and then set them up via your predetermined Locations. You can drop a pin anywhere on the Google Map and save that as a location (ie the grocery store, etc).

You can also search for locations, but I had issues with the app showing relevant results near me. I talked to the developer, and he mentioned an update is coming to show results in a list view, so stay tuned.

I setup a brief test for Georeme to notify me to drive across the Burrard Bridge. Low and behold I received a notification when I reached the base of the bridge! That was after setting my custom radius to larger area to ensure the alert went off while driving.

There are options to have reminders send again in 5 minutes, 24 hours, and set them inactive when they pop up. For regular notifications, there’s even a ‘silent mode’ for hours of the day when you want Georeme to turn off, and specific days for alerts.

If you want a preview of Apple’s upcoming Reminder feature in iOS 5, Georeme will give you a taste of that today, instead of this Fall.

The app is $1.99, but if you’re quick enough: we have 5 promo codes to give away. They will show up in the comments, so quickly comment to subscribe.

Click here to download Georeme.