Google Sync for iPhone Gets Three New Updates

Yesterday Google introduced an update to their mobile search page. Today they have announced on their mobile blog three new updates to Google Sync for the iPhone and iPad. Google Sync will keep your Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts in sync. It’s what I use and love for my email and calendar.

Here are three new updates:

– Search all your emails in Gmail, not just the emails stored locally by the iOS mail app.

– Accept, decline or edit calendar events from the iOS calendar app.

– Send email from the address you want. We recognize that some of you manage multiple email addresses from a single Gmail account. Gmail’s “Send Mail as” feature lets you send messages with another email address listed as the sender instead of your Gmail address, e.g. instead of Now the iOS mail app will respect these settings.

I highly welcome these new features as I’m a power Gmail user. Being able to search the server for emails on iOS has been an issue in the past, but that is no longer. I’m still waiting for a native Gmail app…one day, right?

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