Netflix Signs With CBS, Brings More TV Shows From CW and Showtime

Two days ago Netflix announced in their 2011 Q2 earnings Canadian subscribers are set to reach one million. Today they’ve announced a deal with CBS, which brings some new TV shows to Netflix Canada.

According to PaidContent, Netflix Canada will get current and complete back seasons of the new 90210 from the CW Network, past seasons of Californication, Dexter, and The United States of Tara from Showtime, and Numb3rs, Sleeper Cell, and Twin Peaks from CBS.

Watching TV series on Netflix is the fastest and easiest way to catch up on previous seasons. Seasons 1-4 of Mad Men are available in HD, which is a steal at $7.99/month.

This deal also expanded content to Netflix’s international markets such as Latin America, and potentially leads the way for more shows once Netflix launches in the UK and Spain. The company still needs to beef up its new releases to retain earlier subscribers, although its children’s content is quite extensive.

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