Gogo: The iPhone is the Most Popular In-Flight Device for WiFi Use

WiFi provider Gogo has released a report that states the iPhone is the most popular device when it comes to using in-flight internet, according to Forbes. According to their survey data, the iPhone accounts for 65% of devices accessing Gogo’s in-flight internet service. If you take into account the iPod touch, that number jumps to 80%.

As for the rest, Android devices make up 12%, Blackberry devices at 6%, and the final 2% consisted of Windows Mobile/Phone devices.

The iPhone Just Won’t Stop

The iPhone has been making headlines as Apple’s iconic device helped propel the Cupertino-based past Nokia to become the world’s largest smartphone maker, in Q2 of 2011. Not only that, the iPhone 4 has become the most popular phone in the Great White North.

Just how significant is the iPhone? According to data analysis from Asymco, Apple’s iconic device took two-thirds of available profits in Q2. From its conservative goal of capturing 1% of smartphone sales for 2008, Apple now controls 66% of available profits, helping pad its cash war chest that sits at over $76 billion dollars, more so than the USA’s current operating balance.

Have you ever used Gogo’s in-flight wifi service? What device did you use it with?

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