Apple’s Inductive Charging Patent Reveals Interesting Use of Earbuds

The WSJ previously released a report the next generation iPhone 5 would have a ‘new charging feature’. Wireless charging came to mind and even a slight hint at solar, but that appears to be years away. Today, Patently Apple has revealed Apple’s plans to use conductive charging via Apple headphones.

The Apple patent posted to the US Patent & Trademark Office shows two concepts for an ‘Inductive Charging System’ to be used with iOS devices. The first concept involves a tower where headphones are wrapped around, turning them into an inductive receiving coil. Then, new conductive metal mesh headphones will charge your device once placed on the surface.

The second concept doesn’t involve a charging tower, but still uses the headphones. Earphones are fitted into an acoustic charger that causes the speaker in the earphone to vibrate, therefore generating a ‘reverse’ current to charge your iOS device.

Although patents are revealed, there is no guarantee concepts will come to fruition.The winding up of headphones to a tower seems complicated, and the second concept does seem very creative. Either way, these just aren’t ‘simple’ enough to be Apple-ready.

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