Apple Wireless: Your Next Mobile Carrier?

An interesting article posted on Monday Note describes a future with Apple Inc. as a mobile phone carrier.

The fictitious carrier would be called “Apple Wireless” and would be a wireless network operated purely by Apple Inc. for only Apple products.

Imagine the dancing in the streets. Apple would be finishing the job it started when it broke AT&T’s err… back, when it took over content distribution with iTunes. We don’t like carriers; we experience their service as both poor and expensive, to say nothing of their impenetrable and ever-changing contract pricing…

The article plays with the idea of Apple using its excessive cash chest to purchase T-Mobile (USA) and completely redesign mobile plans and network protocols.

By contrast, imagine Apple’s simpler pricing. Three tiers to fit your appetite for data: $49, $79, $129 per month. No gimmicks, no SMS surprises, no fees piled up at the bottom of the bill: Just the price in your contract, plus taxes. If you approach the data limit for your plan, you get an SMS offering to upgrade you to the next level–but only for this month. No underhanded up-sell.

This is a dream that may never become a reality but what a glorious dream it is. The article is a great read, check it out.


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