Wunderlist: The Most Wonderful Todo List At A Most Wonderful Price

With iOS 5 and its new native Reminders application, some would think third party developers are trembling in their shoes as their todo apps near irrelevance. However that is not the case for 6Wunderkinder and their Wunderlist. Known for its advanced simplicity, you’ll soon find that if you’ve spent big bucks on other todo applications, you might feel the slightest bit of regret.

The success of Wunderlist is based on its presence on multiple platforms. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac, it’s really hard to not have access to your lists. Even if you need to use someone else’s computer, a brilliantly designed web app is there to greet you. The best part about the whole experience is that no what device you are on, you can download (or access) Wunderlist for free.

When rushing to get a todo written down, Wunderlist’s process allows you to type down the task without entering in anything else like due date or priority. This speeds up the process of adding multiple entries and promotes further customization of each task when you have time later on.

Automatic syncing, notifications, lists, all of these are almost necessary for someone to continue to use a task manager in this category, but Wunderlist goes one step further and adds themes to give your list that special flare that makes it “you”.

If taking two minutes out of your day to try out a free application isn’t too much of a hassle, I can definitely recommend you check out Wunderlist.

Click here to download Wunderlist

So if Wunderlist doesn’t suit your fancy, what is your personal favourite todo application and why? More importantly, how much does it cost?

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