Review: Verbs Instant Messaging Client for iPhone

Verbs IM is a fairly new (coming on the App Store last December) Instant Messaging application which boasts a elegant, easy to use, and a breath-taking design that will put all other IM clients to shame. Plain and simple, this is one of the most beautiful apps I have used on my iPhone. Verbs IM looks like an app Apple would build natively into iOS.


  • Verbs IM has support for all your IM-ing needs, you can chat with friends using Facebook chatGoogle TalkAIM, or MobileMe.
  • My most used feature in this app is having the option to send photos or documents from your Droplr or CloudApp accounts.
  • For business users, you can view iWork or Microsoft Office documents within the app.
  • Verbs IM has support for portrait and landscape typing options and it has been updated for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display.


  • It does not come with Push Notifications. You have to pay a $5 in-app purchase for Push Notifications for new messages.

I have been really impressed by this application. From the design quality, to the support for CloudApp and Droplr, and to the Push Notifications, Verbs IM is superior to all other Instant Messaging applications. It is THE Instant Messaging app to beat!
You can read about and purchase Verbs – IM here. It’s on sale for $0.99.