Foxconn’s iPhone 4 Shipments Decrease Due to Adjustments for iPhone 5?

A recent report by Digitimes states electronics manufacturer Foxconn has seen a decline in August revenues, a decrease of 6.55% sequentially to $7.39 billion USD, based on the decline of iPhone 4 shipments according to industry observers.

The reason for this adjustment is linked to the production of the next generation iPhone 5, reported to be under production soon with 85% of units to be produced by Foxconn, and the remaining supply to be made by Pegatron Technology. Foxconn has reportedly attempted to increase their yield and efficiency rates to retain Apple’s business.

Earlier reports have stated suppliers will get GM seeds of iOS near the end of September, to coincide with a speculated mid-October iPhone launch.

25 Million iPhones to Ship In the Fourth Quarter?

Another Digitimes report cites a strong forecast for small to mid-sized panel makers for the remaining quarters of 2011, based on the launch of the iPhone 5. Shipments of the next-generation device, according to observers could reach 25 million units.

Recent renderings based on ‘leaked’ iPhone 5 cases have shown a thinner, wider device with a 4″ screen. We’re almost into mid-September, and it’s only a matter of time before we hear about a new device being launched.