Learn The Language Of Music With Tenuto

As a musician, I know that there’s two sides to music. Playing and reading/writing. A good way to sharpen your theoretical knowledge is to, well, do theory. And what better way to do so then to have a trainer on your iPhone/iPod touch? That’s right. None.


In all seriousness, I’ve looked at a few music theory apps. Nota and Music Theory Pro to name a few and recently bumping in to Tenuto has made me look back at them again, almost regretting my purchases.

Tenuto by musictheory.net is a bare-bones theory test that does away with all the fancy graphics and visuals (not to say the look and feel of it is lacking) and focuses solely on learning and reviewing.


On the main page, you have a simple selection of the varies categories of theory you wish to work on such as Note Identification, Keyboard Chord Identification, Interval Ear Training, and Fretboard Note Identification. Each of the quizzes are not only organized and easy to understand, but they look good and offer a lot of customization to suit your current knowledge on the subject.

There are a couple of little things that they’ve added that I think are a much welcomed addition to the already worthwhile app. At the bottom of the quiz list are a handful of calculators. They will display the correct accidental for a specified note and key, the chord for a starting note, chord type, and key, and more. They’re very helpful for those times that you find yourself staring at a chord wondering what you’re missing, but just can’t figure out what’s wrong.

To tie it all up, Tenuto is a great app for musicians of all different levels. Whether you’re just learning to read and write music, you’re a seasoned professional trying to notate that perfect sound, or even a high school music teacher looking to aid the students with some quick visuals, Tenuto is definitely an app you’ll want to check out.

So, do you know anybody who could really touch up on their theory? What about another app you think would be helpful?

Click here to download Tenuto

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