magicJack for iPhone Allows Unlimited Free Calling Within Canada and USA

Update 2: CNET reports you can call another magicJack user, but you need to dial this main, 305-848-TALK, then punch in your friend’s unique 10 digit magicJack number.

Surely you’ve seen commercials for magicJack, right? Make insanely cheap VoIP voice calls from your home with just your internet connection and the magicJack hardware? Well, the magicJack team has just released their app for the iPhone (and iPad, iPod touch), and it will allow for unlimited calls to numbers within Canada and the USA–for free. MagicJack claims to be the fastest growing telecom company in North America.

Once downloaded, you can login using your existing magicJack account, create your own or make an immediate call. It’s simple and your iPhone contacts are available to make calls. The app works over 3G/WiFi (they recommend 4G over 3G), and from my initial test call over WiFi, the receiving caller did not know I was on VoIP. You will also receive a number from magicJack to receive calls at too, but I have yet to test that out.

Update 1: Making a magicJack to magicJack call is simple. Just your friend’s magicJack number, located in ‘My number’ (including the asterisks) within the Account tab. You’ll receive a push notification of the incoming call–the ringtone sounds like an old school phone.

You can even leave a voicemail, and your friend will be notified of the voicemail both by magicJack and email.

MagicJack CEO, Dan Borislow, had this to say about the launch of their new iOS app:

“I am incredibly proud of the many employees involved in building our first APP. I am obviously biased in saying this, but I can’t see any reason that by offering the best voice quality, free calls, ease of use, ability to use your existing contacts and free download, that we will not have tens of millions of downloads over the next year. Apple has the best OS and devices built for voice and I believe we have the best telephone network and software engineers to take advantage of this incredible platform.”

We’ve seen previous ‘free’ VoIP solutions such as Talkatone, netTalk, and BudPhone, but magicJack for iPhone takes the cake. It’s quick to sign up, simple to use, with no catch. Free calling is here–just make sure you have a hefty data plan if you’re going to rely on 3G calling.

Click here to download magicJack, it’s free. Let me know how it works for you!

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