Telus Launches 6GB Data Plan and New $70 Promo Plan

One of our ‘Big 3’ carriers has launched the 6GB/$30 data plan, and this time it is coming from Telus first. They’ve also introduced a new voice and data plan for iPhone 4S and other smartphone customers. Both promos start today and will run until December 31st.

The 6GB data plan is valid for Consumer rate plans only (i.e. not Business Share) and is $30 a month, for either new or existing clients. Tethering is included, overages are charged at $0.05/MB, and U.S. roaming is $3/MB.

Then, there is a new Promo Voice and Data 70 plan:

– 200 daytime minutes
– 6PM unlimited weekends and evenings
– Unlimited SMS and MMS
– Unlimited nationwide MY10
– Voicemail, call waiting, conference calling
– 6GB data
– Free local calls on your birthday

This promotional voice and data plan is a decent deal for new sign ups, but retentions might be able to offer you an even sweeter deal.

[via MobileSyrup]