[Update] Apple TV 4.4.1 Software Update Released to Fix ‘Connect to iTunes’ Bug

Update 1: Users are reporting the 4.4.1 update has been pulled as it has been ‘bricking’ some Apple TV2 units. Stay tuned.

Just after the release of the second generation Apple TV 4.4 software update, Apple has pushed out 4.4.1. This minor release fixes the bug where a small number of units are required to plug into iTunes to complete the update. I updated last night right from my Apple TV without issues.

The original 4.4 update introduced iOS 5 support for Photo Stream, AirPlay Mirroring, NHL, Wall Street Journal, new slideshow themes (Photo Wall, Flip-up, Shifting Tiles), and added support for Netflix subtitles.

I’ve been testing out the new update and the included NHL and Wall Street Journal sections are awesome. Full game highlights, upcoming schedules, standings, and more can be seen right from your Apple TV. You can even stream live games if you have an NHL Gamecenter account.

The Wall Street Journal integration brings a variety of news clips to help you catch up on the news. There is a short advertisement that precedes each story though–still, not a big deal.

These additions have turned the Apple TV into an even better device to consume media on your TV. Let us know how this 4.4.1 update works for you.