Starbucks Canada iPhone App Updated for Mobile Payments

The Starbucks Canada iPhone app was officially released last February as ‘myStarbucks Canada‘, and it lacked the ability for mobile payments, a coveted feature available to our U.S. neighbours down South. That has all changed, as of today.

Starbucks Canada has updated their iPhone app to support mobile payments and iOS 5. Changelog below:

What’s New In Version 2.1
* Mobile Payment
* My Starbucks Rewards
* Passcode protection
* Support for iOS5

The home screen of the app can be edited to customize the location of icon categories. The ‘My Cards’ tab allows users to login or sign up to setup the app to pay with your iPhone and collect rewards. The ‘Stores’ tab on the bottom right gives a fantastic overview of all the locations near you.



A new feature enables the Starbucks app to have a passcode lock to prevent others from spending your balance. A full history of transactions, card balance transfers, and more can be viewed right from the app.

This is the update Starbucks lovers have been waiting for–I can’t wait to try it. Let me know if you were successful paying for your coffee with your iPhone this morning!

Click here to download Starbucks Canada–it’s free.