Vancouver Votes and Victoria Votes: 2011 Civic Election iPhone Apps

In three days, municipal elections will be underway in Victoria and Vancouver. Both cities have launched iPhone apps that are essentially voters’ guides to candidate profiles, voting locations, voter eligibility, up to date news, and more. These apps are a great way to stay informed right from your iPhone, and save paper in the process.

Victoria Votes

Victoria Votes is the City of Victoria’s official app for the 2011 Civic Election . This app connects you with up-to-date information, including who is eligible to vote, where to go to vote, voting dates and times, as well as how to vote if you are disabled or unable to make it to a voting place and wish to vote using mail balloting. You can also find a list of the candidates here.


Vancouver Votes


Am I Eligible?
Am I on the Voters List?
Where to Vote
When to Vote
Vote by Mail
Voter ID
Voting Process
Capital Plan
Civic Quiz (link to Survey Monkey)


Voting is a right–excercise yours this Friday. Here are the App Store download links: Victoria Votes and Vancouver Votes.