New App Store Quicklinks in iTunes: Band in Your Hand and Purchased

The App Store Quicklinks section in iTunes on your Mac/PC now have two new sections: Band in Your Hand and Purchased.

Band in Your Hand shows a variety of ‘apps for making music’, and includes different sections with various apps. Under The Whole Studio section, Garageband is listed. Other app sections include: Guitar & Bass, Drum & Beats, Keys & Synths, Vocals, Producers & DJs, and Audible Oddities. Making music has never been easier on your iPhone or iPad.

The Purchased section shows your most recent music, app, and books purchases, with links to both iPhone and iPad apps. Apps can be separated by All and Not in My Library.

You may recall iOS received the Purchased section within the App Store back in June. As part of iCloud, apps downloaded from iTunes on your computer are automatically pushed to your iOS devices, making it a very convenient feature. The addition of viewing purchased apps on your computer is just another way to manage our growing app collections.