FastPdfKit Reader: The Very First Siri Controlled App [VIDEO]

FastPdfKit Reader is a free iPhone / iPad app available on the App Store downloadable as a universal binary which allows users to grab pdf from any source with standard rss feed. Today, the developers of the app have added support for Siri using Siri Proxy, a proxy server developed by hackers for Apple’s Siri assistant and have published a demo video showing how it works using FastPdfKit Reader. For demonstration purposes the developer has used an iPad to show the results of executing Siri commands.

The developer explains on his blog:

I’ve decided to run FastPdfKit Reader on another device because the Siri interface on iPhone covers the whole screen and you cannot feelthe real power of the implementation.

The procedure can be replicated for every other app in a couple of hours.

In few words: a proxy server (SiriProxy) intercepts the siri commands sent to Apple (we are in the middle), a plugin add some new commands to the list of accepted ones by Siri, takes the answers and open a tunnel with a chat server. The chat server sends immediately the command to the iOS app that is logged as user. The application listen for messages and if receives something parses the content and react accordingly.

Here’s the demo video (via iClarified):

YouTube video

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